Develop Process

The 360 difference

At Multi Develop 360 we are here to de-risk your project so you have confidence and clarity in maximising your return on investment.
Simsai Construction Group is a diversified brand that delivers optimal solutions by looking outside the box. We’ll de-risk your project so you can de-stress and enjoy the fruits of your exciting investment. We’ll provide a team of experienced sales and marketing professionals at your disposal. This way we can sell and market your product through a diverse range of campaigns specific to your target market all under the same roof.

Full Feasibility

Our Consultants will prepare a detailed feasibility that will consider all aspects associated within a specific development. The report will include the following information:

  • Research the local area to understand current and future demands
  • Seek Real Estate Agents’ input
  • Consult with the Shire or Local Government
  • Obtain sales and rental evidence
  • Soil and associated site costs
  • Any special requirements attributed to the area


When funding property development, it is important to seek the right financial institution suitable for the specific project. It is common for property developers to form relationships with 3 or more different Finance Institutions. This will allow the Developer to select a suitable Lender. The lending criteria is significantly different compared to finance requirements for individual applicants, and the applications submitted need to provide confidence to the Lender that supports the development.

Individual goals

Once we understand your goal we are able to design the project right from the start.  From tax implications, finance, and project size right through to the design of each dwelling. These discussions are very important in ensuring we achieve our long term goals.

Marketing Strategy

Our in-house marketing team will tailor a marketing strategy to suit your product coordinating graphic design, social media and telemarketing along side an experienced sales team.

Product Sales

As we have completed all the stages to ensure we have the correct product and price for the location, our sales team will be briefed regarding the project and will commence selling these Property Packages.

In–House Marketing specialists:

  • Social media specialists
  • Telemarketing specialists
  • Graphic designer
  • Marketing experts
  • Experienced sales team